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Pruett Fund for Church Leadership Scholarship

Purpose. Dover’s Pruett Fund for Church Leadership Scholarship is intended to foster the development of spiritual leadership in Dover churches by equipping individuals who have demonstrated and been affirmed in a spiritual gift(s). The scholarship is given to enhance the development of the gift in the individual and to ensure that the gift is deployed for the benefit of the applying church through the individual’s service in a leadership role.
Who May Apply. Any Dover church may apply on behalf of any active member or staff member of that church who is age 16 or older and who has demonstrated and been affirmed in at least one of the spiritual gifts.
Application Requirements. An application must include the following items:

  • A letter of request from the church, or those empowered to act for the church, with minutes or other similar statement verifying the church’s request
  • The individual’s spiritual gifts assessment using the Network Spiritual Gifts Assessment and showing the presence of the gift(s);
  • Recommendations from two church leaders that affirm the individual has the gift(s) and has demonstrated the gift(s), and that the training sought will enhance the use of the gift(s) within the church (see “Types of Training Permitted”)
  • Description of how the training for which the scholarship is requested will be used to (1) enhance the development of the gift in that individual and (2) benefit and be used in a leadership role within the applying church

Types of Training Permitted. The scholarship award must be used for training that will enhance the use of the specified gift(s) by the named individual in the applying church.

  • The church and its senior pastor must approve the training and affirm the above use
  • Dover’s Pruett Fund for Church Leadership Team has final approval on the award and application does not guarantee approval of an award; the Fund Team may choose to award up to $1,000 per quarter and is accountable to Dover Baptist Association and its Executive Committee
  • Training is not limited to that sponsored by the Dover Baptist Association or other Baptist entities
  • Training offered through secular organizations may qualify if the applicant can demonstrate that it meets all other requirements

Funding. The individual and/or the applying church must fund 30‐50% of the cost of the training. The standard scholarship will cover up to 50% of the training, with a maximum award of $1000. Churches seeking a variance in these guidelines must give a justification in the application.
Follow Up. Within six months after completing the training the individual and the church will give the Pruett Fund team a report describing how the training has been utilized (or where they are in the process) and whether or not it was effective. This material will be used by the Fund Team to help evaluate future requests for the similar training.
Application Process. Completed applications (see above) must arrive in the Dover office as follows: by December 15 for the first quarter of the calendar year, by March 15 for the second quarter, by June 15 for the third quarter, and by September 15 for the fourth quarter.

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Weekly Prayer Focus:

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The leaders of Tipi Wakan Ministries, our Dover Staff, and in Dover’s churches:

November 22: Tsena Commocko Baptist Church
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November 29: Walnut Grove Baptist Church
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