“Being the Church in Our Digital-Driven World”

05-01-2018 10:00 AM - 05-01-2018 12:00 PM
Dover Baptist Association
11006 Lakeridge Parkway, Ashland, VA, United States

We will explore how the converged reality of our digital and physical lives affects church attendance, discipleship, and community. Attendance used to drive engagement. In today’s culture engagement drives attendance. The good news is we can stay true to the message of the Gospel while engaging members and prospects through an intentional online ministry including live streaming, discipleship on demand, and community enhancing online groups. We will look at why this is the reality of today’s ministry and some possible strategies to be the church in our everyday, converged online-offline world.

About Steve Perky:

“Steve Perky has served in vocational ministry for over 25 years as he has served on staff at churches in Alabama, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Virginia as well as Tanzania, Africa. His primary focus has been in the ministry areas of communications, technology, and church administration.

During that time, Steve has helped churches define vision and strategy to reach people in the ever evolving digital, social, mobile, high-bandwidth culture we live in today.

Steve currently serves as the Directional Leader of Technology Services at The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. He also consults with various other churches and denominational entities.

Steve’s passion in ministry is to help churches discover how to be incarnational in the digital space in order to draw people into relationship with God and move them into a physical congregation of Christians.”