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September marked another season of new beginnings.  How are things going?  Do you want to start something “new” at your church?  Many people are rediscovering Mission Friends, Girls in Action (GA), Royal Ambassadors (RA), Children in Action (CA), Acteens, Challengers, and Youth on Mission (YOM).  Would you or your church like to re-start one of these programs?  Contact the Dover Association WMU Council.  We can help you turn something “old” into something “new”.

Missions Project Suggestions:

Our Missions Involvement Coordinators, Beth Ward and Pat Chalkley, have amazing ideas for how you can get your groups engaged in missions.  One of these involves a ministry to shelters for abused women.  Basically it is a makeover for the rooms these women have at the shelters.

Ministry to homes for abused women

Gather the many different talents of women to go into a home for abused women and beautify their bedrooms!

Paint the walls, put up valences in the window with a tension rod, put homemade quilts on the bed, give baby cribs where needed, etc. Share the love of Christ in such a way that the women feel special and not forgotten.

I feel it would not be kind to do just one room, so how about it be a collaborative effort within Dover WMU so that several churches work together. This would "lighten the load" for each church. It would make is possible for us to do the whole house or all of the bed rooms at one time.

It would make it a busy yet fun day for everyone. It could even act as a teaching opportunity by teaching the women living there how to paint walls or furniture, sew simple little valences to hang in the windows, learn to quilt (a longer process, but some women could go to the "home" and teach for a few months ahead of time so that the finished quilt could be placed on their bed and taken with them when they leave.

Coordinate these plans through the directors of these homes because of security reasons. Men may not be allowed. Also, we may not be allowed to work in any nearby homes so we won't know any of the women living there. Local social services agencies should be able to point us to shelters that could use some TLC. We also could not tell anyone exactly where we are going because there are abusive men in our churches too (which is awful to admit). The safely of these women is paramount!

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