Interim and Supply Pastors

This list contains the names of persons willing to serve as interim and supply pastors. At the bottom of the list you will also find other possible sources for more names.

Except as noted, the persons on this list have provided resumes to the Dover office. You have the responsibility to determine any potential pulpit supply or interim pastor's qualifications and suitability to serve your church.

You may call the person(s) you want to supply the pulpit or serve as interim pastor. If needed, the Dover staff will gladly help member churches arrange pulpit supply.

For more information or to suggest changes to the list, please contact the Dover office at 804-550-1980 or

Names are listed alphabetically.  Unless otherwise noted, all numbers are in area code 804.

Adams, Derrick 229-7257     Lewis, Bob 262-3373
Andersen, David 796-9411     Maroney, Jimmy 370-3506
Battle, Darden 784-0896     Mason, Wesley 514-0213
Biddle, Mark E. 814-4242     McCollum, James (757) 218-0312
Boswell, James 938-2895     Mills, Robert O. 746-8256
Brawley, Lonnie 317-7415     Poole, Michael 399-1777
Buckingham, Lytle 769-1555     Pumpelly, Larry 239-4634
Collier, Roger 815-3267     Queen, Bruce 840-2806
Collins, Robert 382-9222     Reynolds, Stephen 981-5720
Davidson, Matt 241-1152     Riddell, Jim 240-9526
Davis, Charles A. 385-3189     Rhodes, Howard 955-6874
Ellis, Dr. Bill 443-7390     Sanderson, Ron (740) 223-5126
Fallen, Melissa 204-1210     Secor, Craig 789-9954
Garner, Mike 279-0928     Skaggs, Fred 746-3551
Gibson, Fred 920-2641     Shearin, Vance 746-0069
Godwin, Philip 608-0636     Smith, Ken 795-9230
Hines, Wayne 966-9061     Swenson, David (618) 571-4935
Homan, Matthew (301) 643-8902     Tessieri, Phyllis R.P. 594-2724
Horning, Jerry 717-9388     Vaught, Jim (540) 419-4946
Howell, David A 741-0341     Ward, Charles 262-3612
Johnson, Steve (434) 990-0950     Withers, Jeffrey 761-6025
Jones, Paul R. 737-2233 (Available on 2nd Sunday Only)   Williams, Craig 363-1018
Jones, Shelby 402-6506     Williamson, Glenn (417) 593-7004
Lee, Aaron 920-2219     Wolfe, Rick 519-6141
        Wright, Ken 901-4193
Interim and Supply Pastor Form

Please click here for the Interim and Supply Pastor Form.

Click here for the PDF version.

Prayer Focus:

Union of Christian Baptists of Macedonia

Week of: April 12
Grace Chinese Baptist Church
Daniel Chu, Pastor

Week of: April 12
Grace Community Baptist Church
Guy Holloway, Pastor

Week of: April 19
Gwathmey Baptist Church
Butch Hutson, Pastor