Partnership Missions Scholarship

Guidelines for the Partnership Missions Scholarship:

The Purpose: Dover Baptist Association awards partnership missions scholarships to advance the cause of Christ through partnership missions efforts and to increase the number of Dover churches and associated persons involved in partnership missions trips. By “partnership missions trip,” the association means any volunteer missions effort that a Dover congregation believes will involve its people in furthering the cause of Christ by their physical presence on a mission field beyond Dover and that advances Dover’s purpose of helping reveal Christ by doing missions together.

Who Makes the Decision? The Partnership Missions Council evaluates all scholarship applications. Applying does not guarantee approval. The council will approve scholarships based on available funds and the merits of the request.

How Much Does the Association Give? The council will award an individual one grant of up to $300 or 20% of the cost of a partnership missions trip, whichever is less, in any calendar year. The council will award any Dover church a grant(s) of up to $750, including individual grants, for partnership missions trips in any calendar year. The council may adjust grants based on availability of funds.

How to Apply: Any Dover church or mission may apply. Anyone associated with a Dover church or mission may apply. To apply, the qualifying person or church should send a letter of request indicating:

  1. The name(s) of the person or church, the nature of the trip (including time, place, and cost) and amount of aid requested.
  2. The church’s approval of the request in business session (Please attach a statement showing that the church approved the request and the date of the meeting. Have it signed by a church staff member or a church officer such as the clerk or moderator.)
  3. The amount of the request

The request may come before the related partnership missions trip and must reach the Dover Association office not later than 90 days after completing the trip.

What does the association expect? Within 90 days of completing the trip, the council requests a verbal and/or written report and photo(s) from the trip to share with the association.

Additional Information: The Partnership Missions Council may consider exceptions to these guidelines as requested. These guidelines take effect when approved and remain in effect until the association alters them.

Revised and Approved by Dover’s Executive Committee, 2005-10-11